Gmail: Creat+Sign-in+ Verify

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Please, Contact me on whatsapp Number +923201210778 if dont understand anything, I will guide you more easily!! Or send me proof There, Thank You for your time.

Step 1:
Create A new Gmail account, Add password this one Mjokz.17301 or any good one

Step 2:
Don't Add Any Phone Number or delete phone number used And Remove 2 Step Verification also

Step 3:
Add Recovery Email Address:

Step 4:
sign in from your mobile chrome with that New created Gmail account on this link >>

Step 5:

Click "CONTINUE WITH GOOGLE" & Click on "GET STARTED" Follow the the image

Step 6:
Click on Green "CLAIM NOW" to procceed the next step to click "OK, VERIFY ME" The user will have pass the face verification to avoid the dublicate account, Press the "GOT IT" to complete the task, follow the image Step by Step

Step 7:
Once you Followed to complete the 6th step instructions, Then Click on the "CLAIM NOW", When the Timing appear with orange color like this take a screenshot and Submit as proof

Step 8:
Delete phone number used and remove any recovery number available on the gmail address. Remove 2 Step Verification Add Recovery Email Address: Log Out from the Google account and from the site that you followed in step 4 so that I will be able to Login into account.

Step 9:
The user will have pass the verification process by taking/Uploading a selfy picture to avoid for dublicate account.

Step 10:
Remember: If you dont undersdent very well Then follow the screenshot step by step. Disconnect mail after creating it on phone to avoid not being paid. if you did not added recovery mail and if you never verify that account with your face verification, I will Reject the job and never pay.


Proof 1: Created Gmail?

Proof 2: Created Password

Proof 3:: When you see the orange color appear with time running take a screenshot and submit as like this


(This Job is Available For Workers From All Countries)


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